“Bring as much happiness as possible to others. Nothing is more beautiful or noble”. Ludwig Van Beethoven.

In 2001, Jean-Michel Damase (French pianist and composer, Premier Grand Prix de Rome) and Pierre Thibaud (Famous international trumpet player), encourage Pierre Badel in the way of musical awareness and the education of the youth.

Their convictions :
1) The development of a talent requires diligence
2) It is also important to give than receive
3) Art is sharing

Between 2002 and 2013, masterclasses initiatives hatch over the world : Argentina, China , Spain, Portugal, USA, Tahiti, Taiwan, Czech Republic … Pierre Badel meets these demands, which attract beyond Borders: Russians in the Czech Republic Brazilians and Bolivians in Argentina , etc …

These masterclasses are born from the aggregation of good will : one invite people home, another offers a flight ticket, another lends an instrument or an auditorium … These meetings become the repository of passionate talents.

The Association HCHP was founded in 2014 to coordinate these contributions.

Initially focused on the music, the association gradually expands to other artistic materials, depending on meetings : architecture, writing, photography … The association is constantly looking for new ideas , new territories, new contributions, new projects to create or support.

The philosophy remains the same: “Fostering creativity and high performance”