• Marchand de Bleu is a mosaic comic book, consisting of several intersecting stories. It’s the first comic book of Nemo Tral and is published in partnership with the Association HCHP. These stories are make you follow the wanderings of Blue Merchants , nomads who roam tirelessly an aging world , to meet dispersed human communities. […]

  • Trumpet solo following an international career, Pierre Badel has trained a new generation of trumpet players for about twenty years. He himself was trained by Pierre Thibaud.
    The French tradition of the trumpet is based on a pedagogy defined by Jean-Baptiste Arban, and perfected by Pierre Thibaud.

    The Academy Pierre Badel uses the Arban method, world-wide reference , which scans all aspects of the trumpet learning process. This Academy is characterized by its respect for musical tradition, and its willingness to spread a mindset of mutual assistance.