Marchand de Bleu

is a mosaic comic book, consisting of several intersecting stories.

It’s the first comic book of Nemo Tral and is published in partnership with the Association HCHP.

These stories are make you follow the wanderings of Blue Merchants , nomads who roam tirelessly an aging world , to meet dispersed human communities.

The world of Blue, old and worn, falls asleep gently bathed in a twilight glow.

A few scattered tribes continue to live happily, perpetuating the traditions whose meanings are forgotten for too long. Blue, the color blue, and blue Merchants are at the heart of it all, essential to the practice of these rituals, they cross and re-cross this world to meet its last inhabitants, and weave a fragile bond between them.

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These stories of a poetic world dying peacefully, are all legends transported to you by Blue Merchants.

Following 4 of them in their walks, you will meet the different tribes inhabiting the world of Blue, and discover their myths and customs. Browsing vast desolate moors, endless underground, ruins lost in the mountains, colossal machine rusted and abandoned for several eternities, and deserts of ice where the sun rises no more…

The idea is to take the time to walk around, and through the Blue and those who use it, to go meet the main character in this story: the world of Blue.

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Némo Tral

Born in 1983, he lives and works in Paris. Graduated from the École Spéciale d’Architecture in 2008, he is now an illustrator and an artist. His work is defined through three main lines: drawings with Indian ink and watercolor, decorative objects, with drawings as part of the design, and collaborations as an illustrator for architectural projects or graphic novels .
His themes are related to the urban landscapes, the way we imagine the architectures we live in, and the passage of time. Past and future ruins are his main sources of inspiration.

Exhibitions :

  • Wall ESA, Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture, Paris, France, mars-août 2015.
  • Promenade, Espace LE 102, Paris, France, décembre 2014.
  • Salon des Indépendants, Grand-Palais, Paris, France, novembre 2014.
  • Studio Ephémère 2, Rouen, France, juin 2014.
  • Expo FR KR, Assemblée nationale de Corée, Seoul, Corée, juin 2014.
  • Bonhams : A Contemporary Edge, Londres, UK, février 2014.
  • Salon des Indépendants, Grand-Palais, France, décembre 2013.
  • Studio Ephémère, Rouen, France, décembre 2013.
  • Souvenirs, Espace LE 102, Paris, France, novembre 2013.
  • Sky Arts Ignition : Memory Palace, Victoria & Albert Museum, Londres, UK, juin-octobre 2013.


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